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First of all, you should know We're here for you.

You know your story better than anyone and we want to collaborate with you on the best way to let people in on the experience. All you have to do is be your awesome self and we’ll make sure you look good! Here are a few ways our Tampa-based Lucky Lemon video crew can rock your world:

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Our team fully believes that having a solid film to tell the story of your business significantly enhances the customer's experience. It helps them feel both comfortable and confident in your brand and gives them a taste of your personality that otherwise would be left to the imagination.

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There's nothing better than a compelling teaser to grab people's attention and put your product or company at the center of attention. Our team is with you for every step of the process, including: script development, storyboarding, casting talent, hiring wardrobe, makeup artists and stylists.

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We love working with people who are passionate about a cause worth talking about. We can't wait to hear what you're working on and how we can partner with you to bring as much awareness as possible through film!

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